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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Topshop Unique Autumn Winter 2014 Ready To Wear Full Show - London Fashi...

Its all bundle up baby and and solidly simple for TOPSHOP fall/winter 2014! I see constantly navy, gray, brown, black and nude. Some of the styles are pretty in preppy as Im constantly seeing midi skirts with stockings and pinafores.  But as usual I love the leather pieces the best and the color blocked fur coat. Its really great seeing different designers during fashion weeks having different ideas from edgy to classic.  This is the most chic simple collection Ive seen so far among the a/w2014 collections.

 Ive seen some florals used in the fall/winter 2014 as an evolvement from this spring/summer 2014.  I see mostly fur pieces used in this collection as coats and stoles.  I see mostly preppy and classic inspirations. I always thought that sleeveless fur vest always looked chic with long sleeved shirts inside. If I lived in a cold country Id totally wear one with my striped shirt and leather skater skirt.  I also thought the true classic fur sleeveless dresses look so fine and will make you look tall in your high cut stiletto boots.  Im not able to find that many pictures, so just enjoy this long video of the actual fashion show of edgy classic pieces with a backstage access.

This has been Monica JLL Seet with style fashion reporting!,

"Your style, Your identity!"

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hottest shoes ever: Cut Out Boots

Cut out boots are the best selling shoes these days! They are by far my most favorite trend of 2013-2014. These will never go out of style and looks like they can last long. Balenciaga had the original idea for Spring/Summer 2011. So far they are the edgiest comfortable shoes ever.  There has been many different kinds of designs for gorgeous and edgy cut out booties. I recently just bought a pair of oxford/combat style ones at TOPSHOP while there is a sale going on until May 4.  I only got them for about PHP 599. Check out the sales at TOPSHOP right now before it ends. Everything there is really worth it.   Id love to own the Balenciaga inspired ones someday when Im saved up again as much as I love to collect almost all kinds of shoes once I find my size and a not so expensive one because nowadays Im not needing that many heels unlike before.   Cut out boots are the most convenient booties ever. They can be used for any season as you won't feel hot in them unlike those cushioned ones.  They are also more comfortable and convenient than the high cut combat boots which are more made for a colder climate. 
But these cut out boots can be worn even at outdoor events like music festivals and concerts.  Cut out boots can be worn with any outfit even with your booty shorts. These boots are really made for walking and will make you look super cute at Coachella. 

There are many styles (heels and no heels) and are being sold at many stores such as TOPSHOP, River Island, Forever 21 and new look.  I was very close to getting a pair at River Island (similar to the Balenciaga model)  on sale but then it was damaged and unfortunately the last pair. But theres always a next time if I can find a color block version at new look.   Even Jeffrey Campbell who is known for his edgy leather shoes has these cut out boots.  
 Cut out boots are even used by many fashion bloggers these days as Ive seen them multiple times on Lookbook.  They are such a hit or I shall call it a trend instead of a fad. A lot of them are seriously to die for. To me I think they are easier to match than creepers because you need to have a certain right outfit if you want to wear creepers. But with these cut out boots, you will look absolutely chic, wearing them with any outfit of your choice. For example, flirty meets edgy!  

With the whole design, I see some inspirations from shoes that are required to be worn at private schools which are constantly black.  Preppy and punk are the two words to seriously describe them.  You can also wear them with your super cute school outfits. They will look great with larger framed glasses.   Preppy will always partner up with punk to complete a cute English punk outfit. 

Stay tuned for my outfit in these cutout shoes!
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new look

new look



new look

New Look



new look

new look

new look

Rock out and cut out!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keeping fit under the sun!

Welcome to another episode of Fashionable Fitness!
Hope you all enjoyed my yoga moda series!
Now run like the wind!
You know you need to find something to do in the summer and one of them is keeping fit.  Since its almost summer for all of us, its time to run in your chic neon outfits under the sun and look as bright. Today I went running with my Mom on the track across Bonifacio High Street  before having breakfast at Paul and below was what I wore when I went jogging. Who says you can't be fashionable when your exercising? You don't have to wear the typical plain clothes that are just one or two colors.  You can look cute as well jogging around Central Park, NYC or Venice Beach, Los Angeles. But be your your not alone.  Running is also one of the best exercising to make you stronger and is a fun thing to do with your friends and family! Im a health cautious person that I constantly eat fruits and keep fit 6 times a week. So fitness is one of the most important things on my list and I also gotta make sure I look chic and fabulous while doing any of my fitness activities. 

Wear a graphic tank top over a super cute support sports bra/yoga crop top and printed leggings or if your area is safe and if you see many people jog in crop tops, then you can just wear your half top (like mine above) with your printed leggings. But be sure you have a tank top in your car to cover up. Ive worn just a crop top and leggings for Zumba.   
I got my colorful active leggings from Forever 21 activewear that was only PHP 1095. They are really comfortable and not too tight. My knock out crop top is from Cotton On Body that was only PHP 799.  My graphic tank that says "Survival of the fittest" is from Cotton Active that was only PHP 400 on sale.   Find a really cute pouch to hook around your waist if you need to bring any money or your iPhone to listen to your music while running. 

If you want to wear short shorts while running, be sure they are tasteful and not too tight. Even if you are running keep the fashion statement of wearing a combination of loose and tight. Only do wear tight from top to bottom if you are doing yoga, pilates, dance and zumba.  

For your footwear, throw on some neon colored trainers that can last to look more girly. 

 This is my fitness outfit for the day!  My neon yellow top is from Cotton On active that I got on sale for only PHP 400. The active tanks there are the most affordable and unusual one so far. I always can't get enough of their work out wear.
My palm tress ombre active leggings are from Cotton On Body that I got for only PHP 1199. These are way to hard to find.
My neon pink trainers are from Planet Sports (brand: K-Swiss) that were only PHP 1,200 on sale. K-Swiss is the best affordable sports brand now a days.

This is my pouch (The only one I have that I can wear around my waist) It as a free gift from my 3 days of fashion camp at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising , Irvine, California.  I rarely use a fanny pack so, I never considered buying one. 

So now you have the complete stylish outfit for jogging!

Have fun and run with colors!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Fashion can be everywhere, any day, at any time"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago!

NYC, LA, Chicago! Those are the three cities I love the most! Those cities of fashion and fun lifestyles! Though Ive never been to Chicago, I heard its a fabulous city. Ive only been to NYC and LA multiple times and I am loving those stylish cities I dream to study fashion at someday or work in the future.  Im such a fashion addict that I really wanna study in a fashion capital and work back in my own country, Singapore. This is all I had time to throw on for a school meeting as the co-coordinator for the graduation fashion show. So Im glad Im finally graduating my advanced diploma and getting my full bachelors degree next year.

These are also my fashion tips on how to take it chic and easy. These clothes are so easy to throw on and can also make you look super chic. These are the perfect clothes to throw on for school. It will make you have the hottest clothes and still make you look best dressed.  Why not use some stylish stationary and not only have the hottest clothes? Look below at the notebook I used to take down notes today and also the fancy pen I got at Universal Studios Singapore. I had fun writing with the pen.

There are two ways to wear this outfit, either with a red hat and black tights or a black floppy fedora with red tights.

I am wearing this bowler hat from NAVA that was only PHP 200 on sale.

This white jersey dress is from River Island that I bought for only PHP 1095 on sale. After I bought this , when I saw the cover photo of Little Mix's Facebook page,  one of the members, Leigh Anne so happened to have this dress to. I won't be surprised since River Island is from London.  Im a big Little Mix fan! Asides from their music, I also love their edgy fashion sense.
They are so the Spice Girls of this generation!


I am wearing footless tights I got at Market! Market! at a deal of two for PHP 150. So I bought the red one along with it. 
I had to wear this tick hosiery today because this dress is unexpectedly pretty short and see thru.

Take it Chic and Easy with style!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Barbara Bui Fall/Winter 2014-15 Backstage | Paris Fashion Week PFW | Fas...

Its beyond edgy for Barbara Bui!  The video above was filmed backstage at Paris Fashion week.   I love the coat they showed backstage with studs allover. You can totally wear that with a graphic beanie, stockings and boots to complete a stunningly edgy outfit. Id totally wear a coat like that if only I live in a cooler country.  This is by far my favorite collection at Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-15. I love how the coats are paired with leather pants and leather skirts. Id love to get a new pair of leather leggings  or skinny jeans on sale for Fall/winter 2014-15. Its great seeing all the Fall/winter collections and at Paris, New York and London and I can't wait to see the Holiday 2014 collections at Philippine Fashion Week.

This collection has the most leather so far and the trends are an evolvement from last fall/winter. I also see the most studs in this collection especially this studded all over coat right below with leather pants and boots.   A studded all over jeans were also used in the collection with a sudden moto jacket. That was seriously creative. It almost reminds me of those studded hip hop snapbacks.  I also like the knee high boots used in this collection. They are not too flat and not too high. The slight platform makes them look absolutely edgy and they stand out more than any other boots.
I also love the coat way below with incredibly good prints paired with the leather mini skirt along with leather leggings and boots. I can see where my eye would move around the prints. I see some inspirations from shapes of leaves and art sculptures.
If you watch the show above, you get to also see a two toned moto jacket with lovely fur sleeves. That is one new creation Ive seen and Id wear that if I were a move star. There are ways to make fur look edgy. It won't make you look like you killed and animal. You can never go wrong with faux fur. Its a classic!  I also saw an exotic printed coat (snake print) that looked edgy and hot at the same time.  Exotic is the hit print for Fall/Winter 2014 as I can forecast right now after seeing them in many of the fall/winter 2014 collections.  I also recently saw an exotic coat in Gucci.

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic) with Trend reporting!,

"Your Style, Your identity!"

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Boyz sometimes a girl just needs one! But sometimes they just break your heart. They come and go. I wore this outfit today as a theme of boys breaking a girls heart. This is so related to Taylor Swift's songs. Yellow is one of the hottest colors this summer and so is neon green, so thats the reason why I chose the green background at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Its one of the best fashion schools here in MNL that I don't wanna leave. Ive always had a passion for fashion that Im not everybody (Not wanting to dress typically).  I love wearing DIY clothing especially if they are edgy.  These stockings won't make me feel hot while they have a lot of holes in them.

I hope you all remember my tutorial on how I distressed these tights I wore on a date last year. This outfit today has a broken hearted story behind it. So why not make yourself feel better this way? Don't cry too much about these things and if you love fashion express your personal style.  If a guy is not faithful to you or starts having someone else after you, then just laugh it off and do better than the guy. Be the strong one and show him what he lost! Don't whine!
This is a better therapy than being a shopaholic.  I was so happy today wearing this outfit and being with such great people in school. Thank you Jay for taking these photos. Your always so sweet.

I am wearing this black and yellow graphic dress from H&M in Singapore (ION Orchard) that was only SGD$ 7 on sale.  My moto jacket is from H&M in Hong Kong that was only bout HKD$ 199. 

This bag is from Michael Kors outlet (Woodbury Common) in upstate New York that was only USD$ 200. 

I distressed these tights from Forever 21 that I got sometime ago for only PHP 109 on sale. They are really thin and fragile. 

Play cool in the summer!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"DIY won't make you feel like an outfit repeater"
-My own fashion quote of the day

Friday, April 11, 2014

"ANNA SUI" New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015 by Fashion Channel

Anna Sui has always been one of the top rated designers in history. She even has an interesting fashion background about how her parents always dressed her up as a little girl. I can see she has a good eye for color and harmony with the mixed prints she uses in her collection.  The constant bright colors used in this collection are, purple, blue and red. I can spot the varsity number trend being back again, as this is the second time Ive seen it in a fall/winter collection besides Jeremy Scott Fall/winter 2014. My most favorite piece is the medallion printed bomber jacket that is super artistic and Id love to seriously own a printed bomber jacket. I also like the leather items especially the harem pants that will no longer look like pajamas. I love how it is paired with a graphic pullover. It looks like a sporty fashion theme for this whole collection with such cute trainers along with adorable laced up boots. I can also tell that laced up boots will trend this Fall/winter and they are a classic piece as well. I also constantly see fur stoles that are well used as a typical winter accessory.

Vertical stripes are also used in many of the attire, if you watch most of the show and they will never die down. Besides black and grey, they also come in red and black. I shall say that vertical stripes remind me so much of singer, Cher Lloyd. She has cool edgy style as well.

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic) with fashion and trend reporting!,

"Your Style, your identity"